Adventure Time

It’s time for me to jot down some of my thoughts as well. Bear with me since this is my first blog post ever. Emma’s the talented one when it comes to these things. With 13 days left before we’re on our way, we’re finalizing everything before one of the biggest adventures in my life at least.

It’s been an interesting last 6 months leading up to our departure on the 27th of August. Going from an exciting, fantasizing state back in February when I got accepted to the Birthright Armenia program, to a full research everything state, and now finally to a more concrete action oriented state during this last month.

Piece by piece this journey has been getting more and more real the further along we’ve come in Emma’s and my plans. We just finished booking the last part of our route to Armenia, (see Emma’s last post to see all the 592 stops we’re doing on the way to Yerevan). Meanwhile we’re packing up the apartment to make it ready to lease, planning a going away gathering, finishing up at our work places, celebrating a couple of birthdays and saying fare well to friends and loved ones. I probably missed a couple of other major things but you get the idea.

As of today it’s also been finalized that I will spend my 3 months in Armenia working at Ameriabank, something I look forward to. I’m still waiting to hear back regarding which host family I’ll be staying with during my first month in Armenia. I have to say it feel’s kind of odd moving in with a new family after so many years of moving out from my own, I feel that I’ll be the worlds oldest 12 year old. It is however probably one of the best ways to submerge myself into the culture, language and day to day life in Armenia and I think it will be one of the most memorable and best parts of our stay.

Anyway’s I’ll end this post by saying that I’m not sure what kind of blog this will be on my part, it’ll probably contain a little bit of everything from photography, cultural observations, my experiences volunteering, meeting new friends as well as general reflections.

Since i started with a The Hobbit reference i might as well end with a The Lord of the Rings reference


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