A breather in Yerevan

I’ve found myself a nice little spot in a park close to my new home, overviewing the river that runs through Yerevan and the city centre on the other side (at least that’s what I think). A strong wind is blowing cooling air on my arms for the first time since we left Sweden and I can feel that certain scent you only find in warmer countries, mixed with freshly cut grass. Some sort of serenity has landed in my body, blending with the feeling of complete exhaustion from the last five nights of bad and/or little sleep. We made it, we have arrived in Yerevan and Leo still loves me. Win on all fronts.

It has been a great experience to travel here by train, which I have written and said like a hundred times now. Sorry for repetition but it really was so enjoyable. I assume the company contributed a lot, but I think it would’ve been quite an amazing experience on my own as well. If I may pat myself on the back, I’m glad I seized the opportunity to go by train (read: nagged about it for weeks until Leo caved in and we compromised half flight half train), and I cannot stress enough how much I encourage you all to go by train instead of flying if you have the chance. Preferably not with a diesel driven train though which I learned we were taking after the decision was already made, but we have climate compensated for that too all the way. Or, I have, for the both of us. Leo payed for it just by being on this trip with me instead of refusing with the very logical and perfect argument that it was a crazy idea.

Now, here in Yerevan I have settled in with my host sister Armine who luckily is a pescatarian and cooked some vegetarian breakfast for me this morning. We chatted, sipped a cup of Armenian coffee and got to know each other a little for a couple of hours. She is very kind, speaks excellent english and seem to be slightly introvert which fits me perfectly as it gives me me-time. My room is huge with a bed, cupboard, armchair and two tables and a big window. Simple and functional and I have already taken a nap which proved to be very easy after these last couple of days. In fact, I’m already longing for the bed again and I’m so looking forward to going to bed tonight and sleep as long as I want to. Imagine waking up well rested tomorrow – how nice that will be.

Not the best quality photo but at least it captures the moment.

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