Impressional fatigue

First day of my placement for the upcoming three months, and I’m exhausted. Mainly because I woke up at 5 in the morning, didn’t have much for breakfast and couldn’t find the coffee until 15.00 in the afternoon. But also because of the sheer amount of information I’ve tried to process and all the new faces. AVC warns you about “cultural fatigue” before you arrive, but in my case it’s more of an “impressional fatigue” as I’m too tired for words to even begin describing all impressions I’ve had so far. But they’re almost all good.

First and foremost I am amazed of how Armenia is full of initiatives and drive. I don’t know much about success rates or quality of all the initiatives but at a glance – it seems like they are driving so many ideas at the same time that it doesn’t matter. That cheesy quote about “you miss 100% of all the shots you never take” isn’t necessary here, they feel so incredibly driven and entrepreneurial. EIF, where I will be placed, is just one example. And yes I know, I have probably only seen a narrow view but that narrow view is impressive even when set into the greater context of Armenia.

I’m looking forward to work with the people at EIF and understand more of what they do and I can do for them. And maybe, what Sweden can do with them, in the end.

My new colleagues Marina and Amalya welcoming me over a coffee in the newly built office spaces of Engineering City. One of the many projects of EIF.

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