Moving time

Since I moved in with my host sister Armine at Halabyan street there has been an ongoing discussion with AVC about why I was placed on one side of the city, working on the opposite side and having Leo living in a third direction from the centre. Apparently they always try to locate volunteers close to work and close to a partner if they are travelling in twos. Since I’m not close to any of those nor to the city, there has been a lot of money spent on travelling (not compared to spendings in Sweden, but in relation to the 0 income I have during these months). Finally yesterday, it was decided that I can move to a new host stay, and already this morning. So now I’m sitting here outside what has been my home for the last two weeks, with my life packed up into two bags again, waiting to go to my new home.

My new host family is a women at the age of 58 who’s name is Anahit. She speaks a little bit of English and we are probably going to understand each other. In other words, this will be great practice in Armenian for me the upcoming two weeks. It is almost neighbours with Leo, 10-15 min walk to the centre and slightly closer to work. I still need to take a cab to work but at least I can walk back and forth to everything happening in the evenings or during weekends in the city centre.

I’m excited to meet my new host mom and see what her place is like. My only concern is how I’m going to communicate with my non English-speaking cab driver that he needs to help me carry my bags. It’s a good thing Armenians are patient and good at using body language at least, and I’m hoping that these two weeks with Anahit will help me practice more on my language skills.


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