Back to normal

1st of October has passed and with that – our moving day to our own apartment. Regardless how grateful we both are for having stayed with very kind and considerate host families, the feeling of having an apartment by ourselves is nothing short of wonderful. Of course there are the obvious things like, living together again, having complete freedom of doing what I want, choosing my own food etc, but some things I didn’t knew I would appreciate as much as I do now when having stayed here for a couple of days are:

  • Singing out loud
  • Listening to music without headphones
  • Having a laundry machine that I can use whenever (though we still have only washed one time but it’s more the feeling of knowing I can wash whenever I want to)

Had no idea that I had longed so much for singing, it really changes my mood when I get to follow along in the lyrics. Almost want to stretch that far to say it’s a way of meditation for me. Though I doubt it gives any meditation for Leo hearing my nasal voice singing all the time, luckily he likes to sing just as pitch perfect as I do.

Settling in in the apartment was easier than I thought, and I think both me and Leo already feel at home. Probably mostly due to the fact that we finally are living together with each other again, but also a little bit because I actually like the apartment. It is bright, warm (enough), the bed is comfortable, the kitchen is big, our balcony has a really nice view and the warm water is actually warm. Even though we are placed just next to one of the busier streets and more restaurant-populated areas, almost nothing gets through the windows and we are sleeping really good at night.

What I like most about this whole moving-thing though, is the fact that we can eat breakfast together again. And I mean breakfast, not a dish of spaghetti bolognese or falafel with french fries that would feed up to 6 people, but a normal sized breakfast with tea and coffee. Leo putting on some morning music of the day (not always the best but you get used to it), while preparing the breakfast together, sitting down together, eating, laughing or not saying a word together. Man, I’ve missed it. It really is the small, ordinary things that means the most.


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