Hours away

Somehow a half year passed by month by month, and then months turned into weeks, that turned into days, and all of a sudden it is only hours left. The alarm is set at 04.15 tomorrow morning. The flight departures at 07.50. My upcoming three months is packed into one travel bag and a backpack.

I wanted to post something during the days that have passed. Give you guys a glimpse into the glamorous life of packing, folding and cleaning. Sprinkled with some more packing on the top. But time ran out, and so did my energy. In the end, even my thoughts seem to have ran out. We were taking a quick lunch today at Centralen before finishing up the last chores, and I didn’t had a single thought on my mind. I just sat there, chewing my food and barely recognising Leo’s presence. Both a liberating and scary state of mind, when usually my mind is like a kaleidoscope. Countless thoughts at the same time where you can’t twist one without affecting all the others. But now, it’s just empty as a white paper.

But there aren’t any more thoughts needed now when we’re only a few hours away. I just want to board the plane, get up in the air and see where this whole adventure will take us.

Oh no wait, what I want most right this second is a couple of hours of good sleep.

In the middle of a controlled chaos


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