Ready for take-off

Already at the airport and our first part of our trip things didn’t really go as expected. We had planned and weighted our hand luggage carefully but Turkish airlines was not impressed. They looked at our backpacks and said it had to fit the standard measurements for a hand luggage. When we tried to squeeze it in in the “frame” with right measures, the woman at the counter got upset and said there’s no way they could allow something that needed to be squeezed into the right shape. Of course, we had to get help by that someone who had a bad day.

So we had to leave, wrap the backpacks in plastic, pay 120 SEK for it, and another 1200 SEK for overweight now that we couldn’t split weight between hand luggage and check in. Then we could check in. The upside of it that I have never gone through security check so easily, bringing only my phone and passport.

We concluded this first experience with the fact that we will probably have to pay our way through Turkey and Georgia to even get on the trains with our luggage. Leo is already starting to love the life as a train traveller…

The plane is now starting to move and soon we’ll be on our way. Next time you’ll here form us it’ll be in Turkey – so excited!


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