The art of overpacking

Overpacking, a skill that requires three things. Incredible foresight, a complete disregard for practical aspects and the ability to block past packing catastrophes.

We’re finally on our way, I’m sitting here blogging from the flight. This feels like the first moment in quite a while where I can just sit back and not (try to) plan or control what’s going to happen.

But back to the topic at hand; overpacking. With some 35kg of luggage I’m positive I have everything I need with me. But the real question should be, how much did I bring that I won’t need?

The appropriate amount of luggage for a weekend

In my defense, it’s not easy packing light for 3 seasons of weather, casual clothing, business clothing, workout clothes, hiking gear and plethora of electronics.

The proper amount of electronics when traveling

Anyways, the first part of our journey is completed. We made it to Istanbul after a interesting taxi ride which gave us more adrenaline than we asked for. We’re having a quick breather at the hotel before heading out exploring Istanbul, our priorities are crystal clear:

  1. Döner kebab
  2. Visit Hagia Sofia


  1. Wow, framme i Istanbul!
    Ni måste lägga upp lite bilder och upplevelser från Istanbul. Jag har länge velat åka dit men jag har aldrig kommit längre än till flygplatsen.
    Jag måste erkänna att dagens höjdpunkt var när jag läste er förra bloggpost om incheckningen av bagaget 🙂


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