A week with our moms

So as you may have read already in Leo’s post, our moms were here last week. It was said to be a week but two days disappeared by flying back and forth, and the rest of the days passed by too quickly that I think they actually were only here for a weekend or so. But we somehow found time to do a lot of things and even had time for some mother and daughter-hangout too and it was so much fun showing them around in Yerevan I just have to share some of the highlights too.

Our moms being slightly uncomfortable in this touristy picture but hey, when you are a tourist why not pose like one?

Some of the highlights during their stay was definitely the dinner with Leo’s host mom, where we were all invited (spontaneously the same day) for a barbecue dinner with the whole family. The dinner was as Armenian as it can be, with toasts, too much fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits, too much khorovats (grilled meat and potatoes), lavash, Armenian coffee, laughs, hospitality and warmth. I think both me and my mom was really happy and appreciated that she got to see the “real” Armenian life and not only the touristic sites.

We also got our artsy curiosity stilled when we strolled around in the Armenian national gallery looking at art pieces we are not 100% sure were the real deal, but nevertheless entertained us for several hours. There is also a park here in Yerevan where painters put up their artworks every day and it is an amazing place to go to if you are into art. All kinds of techniques, types of styles and types of motives. So we just had to go there, and discuss the paintings. My mom actually knowing what she was talking about as she is a painter herself, and me trying out the guy guessing concept, acting like I knew everything.

The weather here is still really nice, so one evening we decided to make the most of Cascade – the maybe most recommended place to go when visiting the city. We bought some Armenian cheese, charcuterie and sparkling wine and headed up to the top of the Cascade to enjoy the sun setting over the city. It was really one of the most memorable experiences with them, and I think even throughout my whole stay here in Armenia.

The days passed by too quickly and even though I barely had realize they had arrived, I find myself surprised by the fact that they are no longer here. Somehow it both eased and increased my home sickness. Mom brought me two packs of Swedish ginger cookies and now I’m longing even more to the winter and all the cosy hangouts with friends and family. After all, it really is the most happiest season of all if you ask me. But seeing our moms leaving also reminded me that our time here will end too, and I really look forward to all the things we have left to experience here. And there are so many things left to experience.


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