Armenian Theory of Relativity

Another week has passed and I’m reminded of Einstein’s relativity theory and something called Time Dilation. A shameless googling gave this explaination “Time dilation describes a difference of elapsed time between two events, as measured by observers that are either moving relative to each other”. Then it goes on to talk about factors like gravitational mass etc but we’ll ignore that for now. The imporant part is the difference in elapsed time. Because that’s how this whole adventure feels like for me. I know we’re about 45 days into our journey but relatively it feels like time is passing so fast. This passed week our mom’s helped us yet again prove the phenomenon best described as Armenian Theory of Relativity©

Last week our mothers came to visit us for a week, a week that felt like two or three days at the most. The days were packed as best we could with different types of activities, visiting museums, dinners, leaving Yerevan etc. Seeing Emma’s and of course my own mom felt great, I’ve missed them both very much and besides bringing themselves they brought Swedish candy, chocolate and gingerbread cookies!

I’d also just like to express my gratitude for them coming on a short stay with the horrible hours they had to endure. Early mornings, late nights, layovers for hours just to be here for a couple of days. Both Emma and I are really happy they did though, a bit of the home sickness I think we both have was cured by the familiarity of their visit.

Wine tasting with Armenian wines & cheeses & charcuteries (is that even a word?)

Even though they were here for a short period of time I would say they got to see some of the quintessential Armenian experiences. They got to experience that being on time is a recommendation, they got to experience hustling attempts by street vendors, crazy taxi drivers, beautiful nature and maybe the most important part, Armenian hospitality.

I moved out of my host mothers apartment roughly two weeks ago but during our mothers visits they invited not just me, not just me and Emma, but all of us to a welcome dinner for her new guest, another Birthright volunteer. We were spoiled rotten and greeted by a big dinner party together with my host mom Margarita, her daughters, one spouse and the grand kids. Everything was delicious and we tried some home made walnut liqour. If you ever get the chance to try walnut liqour take it, I didn’t know it existed and now I’m craving it.

Margarita and her amazing family

Our moms left the other day and now it’s time to do some catch up with the other volunteers, we’ve missed lots of invites and fun activities and meeting every one again yesterday was great, I’d missed them. We’re planning a new trip together with the whole crew soon which I’ll write about more in the coming days. But for now, I once again just like to say thank you to our moms for coming, we miss you already!

PS. here’s a longer drone shot from Dilijan, it’s hard to make time to edit everything and I’m lagging behind with the movies but hopefully you still enjoy viewing them.


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